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We all have heard that before: Eat too much and you gain weight – eat less and you lose weight. This formula seams too simple not to be true, the only problem is – it doesn’t really work! Have you ever tried and starved away a few pounds just to find that as soon as you return to a normal diet you regain it all – and more? But – where does this world famous yo-yo effect come from? 

The reason for this lies in the fact that your body is a prepper: When you eat very little, your body will go: OMG! There is no food left! I am running short of nutrients! We are all going to starve to death! And it reacts by activating its emergency mode: Slow down metabolism and use as little of the available energy, who knows things might even get worse than this! Funnily, this reaction is triggered not by a shortage in fat and carbohydrates, but in micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. 

And being the very prudent prepper it is, your body sticks to its emergency mode even when you go back to a normal diet, just in case hard times are coming back. Therefore, it stores as much as possible of the energy it takes in as – guess what! – body fat, regaining all the weight you have been struggling so hard to get rid of (and more). 

In this way, a lack of micronutrients caused by the attempt to starve your way to the body of your dreams counteracts all your effort – and moreover, it is unhealthy, too. 

Therefore, in order to achieve sustainable and healthy weight loss, instead of starving, make sure to increase the amount of micronutrients you take in and reduce only the sources of energy like fat and carbohydrates! This will help you obtain the results you dream of and promote your general health and wellbeing!