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Exercising promotes your health – that much is undisputed. But, is it true that moderate exercise can also help improve my memory?

Yes, it’s true! The reason lies in an increased production of a substance called nitric oxide.

NO? Hell, yeah!

Nitric oxide is a colourless gas which is highly toxic when inhaled. Inside your vessels and your neural system, it does a brilliant job though!
An increased level of nitric oxide leads to a better blood supply, helps prevent thrombosis, improves your memory and aids your digestion – and there are many more positive effects nitric oxide has on your body.

Great! Where can I get that?

This miracle gas is synthesized in the inner lining of your blood vessels, the so-called endothelium. Just a few minutes of cardio-resistance workout can significantly stimulate this production and bring all the positive effects of an increased level of NO.

The dose makes the poison

Our body even uses the fact that nitric oxide is highly toxic in larger concentrations: When you catch some kind of infection, your white blood cells, which are in charge of your immune reactions, use clouds of this gas to fight intruders like bacteria or fungi.

But no need to worry – you cannot overdose on NO simply by working out to hard. The amounts your vessels produce are much to small.