Michael Ofner

CEO 360vital GmbH

Thanks to many years of experience in the health sector, Michael got the idea of Smylean in 2010 and then consistently realized it with an unbeatable team. His vision is to give everyone the opportunity to live a healthy life full of energy just by applying simple and effective tools like Smylean. Michael is a doctor for nutirional medicine, a sports scientist and holds an MBA for leadership.

Klaus Bartelmuss

General Manager 360vital GmbH

Even the most valuable idea stays underground if it doesn't get enough water. With the help of Klaus, Smylean was getting ready for the market and could be produced independently in our own production factory in Styria. His experience as a serial entrepreneur and his knowledge of cultures are truly worth a fortune.

Erwin Dokter

COO 360vital GmbH

As a former professional athlete, business economist and sports scientist, Erwin knows exactly how to optimize processes to beat competition. If he would have had Smylean already available in his professional sports carreer, it would have worked with Olympia too. Now Erwin uses his excess energy to get people think about a healthy lifestyle and setting personal goals.

Hubert Gnezda

CFO 360vital GmbH

Only the genius overlooks the chaos. And although Hubert is a genius of numbers and structures, there is guarantee to be no chaos in his everyday life. He manages the economic interests of the company with the utmost meticulousness, which guarantees an overview of all required key figures whenever necessary.

Barbara Banfi

Communications Manager

From her own experience and the experience of her friends she knows exactly which questions may arise during the Smylean program. As head of customer support, she takes care of all SMYLEANERS who are looking for personal support during their journey. Barbara's extensive language skills are an highly valuable in communication with lifestyle upgraders from all European countries.

Florian Geigl

CTO 360vital GmbH

Analyzing data to create specific algorithms for individual training programs and information content is the skill-area of Florian. Our IT specialist is the revolving door for all technical matters in the company.

Werner Dokter

Production Manager

The complex composition of Smylean products makes inventory management of ingredients and production processes a real challenge. If only one of the more than 200 micronutrients is missing, the production chain is stopped. Werner always keeps an eye on this and always ensures that production runs smoothly day by day.

Claudia Grandtke

Logistics Manager

When sending the order, everyone would like to have their Smylean package already in their hands. Claudia and her team ensure the fastest possible delivery and therefore create bright eyes in the face of our customers.