Health, Nutrition
September 03, 2019

We all know, that if we want to reduce body weight, we need to reduce the amount of sugar we take in.
Funny enough, this very simple rule seems a lot harder to implement to our daily lives than one might think.

Even if you are perseverant enough to resist cakes and ice creams, chocolate and candy, you most likely fail when it comes to the most underestimated sources of sugar and calories: drinks!

These are the 5 most common party spoilers for those who try to lose weight:

I really don’t want to spoil the party, but – if you want to reduce weight, alcohol is an absolute no-go! Not only is alcohol itself high in calories, many drinks contain a lot of sugar as well.
If you follow weight loss channels on social media, you might come across low-calorie party drinks that appear to be okay even if you are on a regime.
Unfortunately, the contained calories represent only the tip of the iceberg. What is even worse is the fact, that alcohol affects your metabolism and reduces your body’s capacity of burning fat for several days.

Soft drinks
All the soft drinks you’d get in the supermarket are nothing but sugar, artificial colour and additives. They are the prototypical example of what dietitians would call “dead calories” – highly caloric foods (or drinks) that are rich in macronutrients (=carbohydrates) and totally void of micronutrients (like vitamins). You can probably starve for months, if you keep consuming soft drinks you are very unlikely to lose any weight, at all!

Milk Shakes
We all have grown up believing that milk is a great source of calcium and protein, and that you should be drinking at least a glass of milk a day to keep your bones strong.
Scientific studies indicate, that this might not be true: The contained calcium might not be easily available to the human body, the American Nurse Report even seems to prove that higher milk consumption over many years might increase the risk of fractures.
But this isn’t what this post is about, and when it comes to its nutritional value, milk naturally contains fat and lactose (=milk sugar).
Add some fruits and some more sugar and what you get is a high calorie sugar bomb that will definitely not help with your weight loss ambition!

Fruit juice
Unlike the first three, where most of us had already had the feeling that they were not exactly enhancing weight loss, this might come as a surprise.
Juices are undoubtedly less harmful than the previous three, because they often come with a range of vitamins and trace elements – at least if it is natural (and preferably organic) juice we are talking about.
Still they can spoil your attempt to reduce weight, because they contain a fair amount of sugar – partly natural fruit sugars, but added refined sugar as well. And, what makes things worse: They come with all the sugar, but without the fibers of the original fruits.

Isn’t this outrageous? Now we have been told for years that there is nothing healthier than a nice smoothie in the morning, and then there comes this blog post and tries to tell you it isn’t so! Okay, stop. Breathe! Smoothies ARE a healthy way to provide your body with the micronutrients you need. At least if you don’t buy the fake stuff you get cheap at the supermarket.
BUT! What we said about juices is partly true for smoothies, too. Especially when created with nice and sweet fruits or so called superfoods, they can contain an unexpected amount of calories.
We are not saying you shouldn’t be having them, we just mean to point out that they are more of a meal than a drink: If you bear that in mind, smoothies are a great source of power!

So what to drink then?

if you get thirsty, the best you can do is drink water. If you feel that water tastes boring, you can add some taste by adding slices of fruits (Note: you need to cut them, not squeeze them!) or some spice. This will make for a great and delicious refreshment at 0 kcal!