SMYLEAN APP - Individualized for YOU

The unique SMYLEAN mobile app is the world’s first and only fully parametric application providing you with individualised recipes based on your dietary requirements and personal likings. It also offers an ever-alternating set of exercises to perfectly match your personal goals and physical condition, with exercise levels ranging from easy to challenging.

SMYLEAN App designs tailored recipes focused on low carb, food from organic sources, a lot of herbs and spices, all used to give you a tasteful experience. The app suggests 10-minute exercises that activate all major muscle groups to save time and get the best results possible. It also gives you mental support with inspirational quotes, and stories, thus, functioning as your virtual personal trainer, dietitian and mental coach.

Probably one of the greatest values of the SMYLEAN App is its feature to supply new, interesting info’s to you that are easy to understand and applicable in daily life, therefore, helping you to better understand your body and enabling you to take control of your weight, metabolism and health.

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