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SMYLEAN BOX – Single Package

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SMYLEAN system consists of 6 products that help you tone your body, regulate your metabolism, reduce stress effects, lose weight and improve your overall health.
One SMYLEAN box consists of: SMYLEAN 360 shake, Energy + amino powder, Visuca sweetener, Om3ga oil, Boostshots bullets and inteligent Smylean App. All our products are 100% natural.

One SMYLEAN BOX contains:

30 stick packs of SMYLEAN 360 multi shake
30 stick packs of SMYLEAN Energy + power shake
30 borosilicate glass vials of SMYLEAN Om3ga
1 borosilicate glass bottle with SMYLEAN Boostshots
30 stick packs of SMYLEAN ViSUCA natural sweetener
1 voucher for 1year SMYLEAN personal coach APP

Order today and get FREE:

1 SMYLEAN Vitaflex resistance band
1 BPA-free SMYLEAN Sheikr bottle with silver ions
1 SMYLEAN Mission tape to measure your success
36 SMYLEAN Clickcards with inspirational messages
1 SMYLEAN Recordbook incl valuable infos and to track your progress

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200 + natural ingredients.

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5 reviews for SMYLEAN BOX – Single Package

  1. Christine

    The proof is on the scale!
    Wow!!! Smylean is amazing! I have been taking it for 15 days now and I decided to write a review even though I didn’t finish the program yet. But I am really happy with the results as Smylean reduces the appetite after a few days and makes me feel fuller faster and crave snacks less. It also kind of changed my eating habits so I find myself craving healthier food. I feel no side effects (only being week for the first two days) and don’t feel bloated or tired but more energized. After a week I started loosing weight (-3 kg) and I am so happy I am heading to my goal this fast. Love to see the end result, but so far this has been an amazing progress for me!

  2. Helga

    Smylean changed my life
    As I tried other diets before, I was initially sceptical, but thought it’s was a good investment and decided to give it a shot. And I’m so glad I took the chance!!! One month later, I’ve lost 11 kgs and kept on going with a healthy lifestyle. Before this, I’ve experimented with a lot of diet supplements but nothing has worked as effectively as this until now. I really like the idea that Smylean is a system that covers multiple aspects of your diet and it’s not about just loosing weight. It’s also about changing your mindset. I’ve learned to think how to eat clever and train smarter so this is the most important aspect for me. Highly recommended for anyone willing to change their bad lifestyle habits and improve life quality.

  3. Ana Gord

    The best thing that ever happened to me!!!
    For years I was trying to lose last few kilos of weight but nothing really worked as I my weight was ok, but not perfect (and I wanted to be shredded). It was only in January that I learned about Smylean program and order a box for myself. At first, I amazed by all the goodies you get in one box but also confused on how to use all this stuff 😀 😀 😀 Luckily, there was a great yellow brochure that guide me through the whole system. I used Smylean products for about 10 days before I saw any results, and boy, was I amazed! I lost 3 kgs in that time and my body kept looking better and better! I felt energized, confident, happy, and all my friends told me I was simply glowing and looking better then ever! Smylean is a true discovery as it not only boost your energy levels, but also shreds the last grams of fat that are left on my body! A true game changer, whoever came up with this is a miracle maker! Thanks Smylean!

  4. Andreas

    Changed my life
    I love Smylean, it boosted my mental motivation, now I workout more often and more effective. My body feels much better, I’m full of energy and it somehow came naturally to me to stop eating unhealthy stuff and focus on nutrition. Just note, 360 taste is really weird and took me a while to get used to it… in the end realised it works best when I put less water and add some fruits

  5. Wasseem E.

    Works exactly as advertised – remarkable results
    At first I was sceptical and was going to give up but I pushed through that barrier of doubt and lost almost 10 kg in under a month. It’s not easy and it requires discipline but definitely the answer for losing weight in a healthy way in a short amount of time. After the initial adjustment phase in the first week, I felt great with lots of energy. Highly recommended!

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