Smylean - the most successful lifestyle system in the world. We give people the best tools for more energy, more health and more quality of life. Positive "side effects" are weight and bodyfat reduction, a gain in fitness and joyful moments in life. This results in a true win-win-win situation: A successful product for happier people in a healthier world - the Smylean 360 ° concept!
Trust and respect are the basis for doing business with our partners and customers. A real win for everyone involved is the primary goal of every activity. We engage open-minded thinker, pursue innovative approaches based on the Pareto principle, combine apparent opposites, believe in the ingenuity of simplicity and always work on improvements with attention to detail. Integrity is our open claim, because we say what we think and act according to our words - as we expect from our counterpart. The driving force for our work is our intrinsic motivation and satisfied customers, which leads to fair cooperation and mutual growth.
We build bridges for the ultimate symbiosis of research and experience, nature and technology, body and mind. Dietary supplements with natural ingredients, researched and developed using state of the art technology. Varied sports programs with minimal effort and maximum effects. Tasty recipe ideas that are easily available or quickly cooked for more energy in everyday life. Inspirations and valuable information for more motivation so that personal goals can be achieved as easily as possible. Smylean is a system of perfectly integrated components - the essence of nature and research - available to everyone who wants to switch their lifestyle to "healthy".