Workout for your brain

Have you ever heard of cognitive aging? This expression is the scientific description of a phenomenon we all have witnessed in one way or the other.

When we grow older, our memory gets worse, we struggle to find the right words and find it hard to concentrate, especially when in a busy surrounding. Our ability to react to new situations declines with age, and so do many other cognitive functions.


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Avoiding seasonal depression

When days grow shorter and multicoloured carpet of fallen leaves covers the ground, many people start feeling down. They lack energy and enthusiasm for practically anything and find it very hard to bring up some kind of motivation. But where does that come from?And what can you do about it? The main causes Even though [Weiterlesen]

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Your body is a prepper – the notorious Yo-yo effect

We all have heard that before: Eat too much and you gain weight – eat less and you lose weight. This formula seams too simple not to be true, the only problem is – it doesn’t really work! Have you ever tried and starved away a few pounds just to find that as soon as you return to a normal diet you regain it all – and more? But – where does this world famous yo-yo effect come from? [Weiterlesen]

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The underestimated enemy

We all know, that if we want to reduce body weight, we need to reduce the amount of sugar we take in.Funny enough, this very simple rule seems a lot harder to implement to our daily lives than one might think. Even if you are perseverant enough to resist cakes and ice creams, chocolate and [Weiterlesen]

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Apple vs pear – (not) just a matter of taste

In a Ranking of the most popular fruits, the poor pear does not stand any chance against the well-loved apple. Although the apple has recently lost its top rank to the grape, it still is Britain’s second best loved fruit and ranks fourth amongst the world’s all-time favourites. [Weiterlesen]


Why exercise can improve your memory

Exercising promotes
your health – that much is undisputed. But, is it true that moderate exercise can
also help improve my memory?

Yes, it’s true! The reason lies in an increased production of a substance called nitric oxide.


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Addicted to fast food?

It will be pretty hard to find anyone who is genuinely convinced that fast food is good for your health. Quite to the contrary, we all know that we shouldn’t be eating it, but – hey: there’s nothing wrong with a nice burger meal every now and then, right? For after all: If it were [Weiterlesen]

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Never underestimate the greens: 10 all-vegan sources of protein

If you have ever bothered to learn about healthy weight loss, you will surely have come across the fact that protein is a very valuable macronutrient: You need protein to build up muscles, and muscles help you burn fat because they increase your metabolic rate. In other words: If you build up muscle, your body [Weiterlesen]

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