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SMYLEAN supplement products will trigger metabolic effects within minutes of taking them. You will have more energy during the day. If you follow the weight loss regime, you will experience visible results after only 3-4 days. Even if, based on what the scales say, your weight loss pauses for a couple of days, the metabolic effects will continue until you achieve your goals. After a few days on the same weight, the journey will continue successfully - just be patient and trust your body.
SMYLEAN is much more than a product, it is a way of life – a lean and healthy body comes with a smile. The most valuable thing about SMYLEAN is not only the supplements that give your new life a kick start, but also the knowledge and skills that you will develop using the SMYLEAN app, with its valuable tailored recipes, exercises and info for you to understand your body and how to take control of it. So once you really get into SMYLEAN, you will never quit, and lose as many kilos as you like. It’s up to you - SMYLEAN will simply support you, making it as easy as possible. Within the first 30days you may loose up to 10% of your bodyweight.
Regular diets focus only on eating less, no matter what. This reduces the metabolic rate during that diet phase so that people lose mainly water and muscle mass but not much body fat. SMYLEAN is not a diet. It is a holistic lifestyle programme including sports, mental strategies and healthy nutrition with a diet component. SMYLEAN supplies you with every micronutrient necessary for maintaining a healthy metabolism. Combined with an adequate energy balance, you will lose mainly body fat rather than valuable muscle mass. Your muscles will even get stronger. This most likely makes it the most healthy and effective weight management system in the world.
Losing fat depends on energy intake, energy expenditure and active metabolic substances. The goal of the SMYLEAN system is to provide you with every substance known to support this process. If you stick to the suggested energy intake per meal and do SMYLEAN exercises for at least 10 minutes a day you will lose fat for certain! It may be the case that the process of losing fat doesn’t appear linear, which means that on some days you will lose more than on others, and on some days it may even appear to stop, but if you continue the process as suggested you will be happy with the results. That’s the SMYLEAN promise!
The general assumption used to be that for burning fat, at least 90 minutes of running was required. Thanks to science, we now know that fat starts burning after only seconds and if you do a really challenging workout (HIIT) consisting of exercises addressing most of the big muscle groups for 10 minutes only, your metabolism will be highly activated all over the body, with effects lasting for hours. In total, this results in burning approximately the same amount of calories as a 60-90 minute moderate run. In this way, applied science can make your life much more efficient.
A typical yo-yo or rebound effect is defined as weight gain after a diet due to eating a normal amount of calories in daily life. This occurs because, during a normal diet, the intake of micronutrients is reduced as calories are reduced, which can slow down the metabolism. It takes a while to get this up and running again, which results in weight gain. During the calorie restriction phase of the SMYLEAN programme, the supplement components SMYLEAN 360, Energy+, Om3ga and Boostshots supply your body with all necessary micronutrients in high doses to ensure not only that the activity of your metabolism is not slowed down, but also that it is even boosted. Thanks to this, the probability of a real yo-yo effect is very low. Of course, if you force yourself to eat massive amounts of calories, no programme or supplement in the world can prevent a weight gain. To help you avoid this, the SMYLEAN app functions as your personal nutrition and mental coach.
Usually, hunger can be stopped by taking high quality calories such as SMYLEAN Energy+. Even better, you should prevent hunger by giving your body small amounts of energy and all the micronutrients regulating hunger and reducing cravings with SMYLEAN 360 in the morning and SMYLEAN Boostshots 5 times a day. You will be surprised how easy it is to stop hunger. However, no matter how good the product, it cannot change your bad habits: This is your part of the job. So, the next time you feel like a nocturnal visit to the fridge, focus on your results and go for a walk instead.
Life should be fun – that is a main SMYLEAN credo. For optimum results, try and stick to the suggested energy intake and exercises as closely as possible. The most essential rules during the first 30 days are that you should ban alcohol and reduce carbohydrates from your diet whenever possible. If for special occasions you decide to take a day off, it might slow you down in your efforts, but it will not ruin your entire programme. Just make sure to return to your SMYLEAN routine the day after to get your goals back on track.
The SMYLEAN programme is designed especially for these situations. You will neither have to go to a fitness-studio nor work out for hours. With the SMYLEAN app and Vitaflex you will have everything with you to workout wherever you are and whenever you want – for only 10 minutes a day. Let’s be honest, there is no excuse for not taking that short time out for your health and desired results – not even for a business trip.
In this case, SMYLEAN is the perfect programme for you. Nothing else will get you in the amazing shape you will be in after 30 days of SMYLEAN. There is no better way to speed up the loss of body fat. Just stick to the programme’s suggestions and your spouse will enjoy the upgraded version of you on your special day.
No, you can shift workout times, as long as you make sure to work out every day. We have developed SMYLEAN according to the Pareto Principle – that means you will be able to generate 80% of the maximum possible results with only 20% of the maximum effort. Therefore, you will only have to exercise 10 minutes a day, and be able to eat daily healthy meals following creative recipes from the SMYLEAN App, and you will have all the mental support you need. All this will most likely take about 30 minutes of your daily schedule. There are no obligations; the only question is – do you feel you deserve to be healthy?
SMYLEAN is designed to activate your metabolism, to address white body fat (storage fat) while keeping the brown type (beneficial structural fat), and to make your life healthier. As the amount of energy intake that the SMYLEAN App suggests to you is tied to your target weight, you can stick to the food plan like anyone else. Tailored Weight Management means that we take care of your individual needs according to your personal goals. So yes, you can continue the food plan, receiving suggestions for larger portions of high quality food compared to those who want to lose weight. Just stick to the exercise suggestions and try to challenge yourself on a daily basis. You will be impressed by your own results!
Absolutely. You can do it at home on the floor, in your bed in the morning after waking up, or even barefoot outside, enjoying nature in the fresh air and warm sun. With the SMYLEAN App and Vitaflex you always have your personal trainer with you. Enjoy your workout wherever and whenever you want in the most comfortable environment but with the most challenging set of exercises. As long as you are having fun, that’s what matters!
We suggest doing the SMYLEAN workout straight away after waking up in the morning to activate your body for a focused and fit start into your day. Within the first 30 days, SMYLEAN 360 will be your breakfast shake. We recommend drinking this about 30 minutes after your workout. Generally, it is recommended to eat (30 minutes) after and not before a workout, since too much food will influence your performance, feeling and focus in a negative way. Try to eat in periods when you are active or hungry during the day, not when you would normally do so out of habit. After a full meal, wait at least 2 hours before doing an intensive workout.
Within the first 30 days of the SMYLEAN programme, you might be asked to examine and change many of your habits. This might be challenging. The SMYLEAN app was developed to support you in the best possible way. The meal suggestions you find in the app should be considered as a pool of ideas to help you understand what you should eat and what you shouldn’t. They are not carved in stone, however. You may cook something similar or get it in a restaurant. Maybe you could ask the chef at your office canteen to cook dishes for you, or simply prepare the meal in advance and just take it with you to warm up at work. Finally, you always have the option of taking a stick pack of SMYLEAN Energy+ with you and replacing one meal with it. It tastes great, contains lots of valuable ingredients and can easily put an end to hunger.
SMYLEAN was created to give you an All-in-one system for losing body weight and body fat with many positive side-effects for your health. For this purpose, it contains every known supplement support that you need. We strongly recommend not to take any additional supplement, as unknown interactions might occur. If you have any specific question on this topic, please contact your primary physician or, for product related things, our SMYLEAN support team.
SMYLEAN nutrition supplements cover more than 100% of your daily vitamin and mineral demand and you should be at the height of your powers after 30 days of using it. As the SMYLEAN system is a 360 degree approach for a healthy lifestyle, including an app for meal suggestions, sports exercises, valuable information and more, we’d like to encourage you to apply the great set of skills and knowledge you develop by using the SMYLEAN App. With this, you should be easily able to cover your ongoing nutrition needs. Permanent nutrition supplement consumption is not recommended according to science. If you think you need the support of high quality nutrition supplements, we suggest SMYLEAN 360, Energy+ and Om3ga to cover your needs, complete with top ingredients.
In the first version of the app, there is a built-in food tracker where you can add whatever you eat or drink in the course of the day. For the upcoming versions, we have many features planned. One is adding your own recipes and exercises; another is social challenges. Get excited - we will deliver an amazing app to you that will be continuously improved, just like the product itself.
The amounts of ingredients in the recipes represent the ideal calorie intake for you at the time of day, calculated for this specific meal in the current phase of your SMYLEAN program. Feel free to round up/down to accommodate for readily available amounts (just make sure not to round up too much).
The amounts are calculated according to your current weight, your defined target weight and the phase of the SMYLEAN programme you are in, as well as your activity and the typical distribution of energy expenditure you’d have following a daylight based bio-rhythm. Therefore, the app applies proven formulas i.e. for the base metabolic rate as well as the results generated from our own research to ensure optimised nutrition throughout the SMYLEAN programme.
Yes. Keeping your data up-to-date and complete you can ensure our formulas work best for you: So make sure to keep track of weight changes and adjust your “activity” levels to make sure the app optimises nutrition to provide the energy you need in the course of your day. Also remember to rate the exercises so they can be adapted to your general fitness in order to make your workouts challenging, but not frustrating.
As SMYLEAN is a system and not a single supplement, workout or information pack, but rather a 360-degree approach for Tailored Weight Management, we decided to enter the market in this initial phase only as an All-In-One box. Since we know that some people would like to buy specific products according to their individual needs, we are currently planning to make each SMYLEAN product available for you in the near future.
Gaining muscles requires several factors: energy supply, proteins, some active metabolic substances and physical impulses (from exercises) to make them grow. If you are not yet well trained, even slight impulses will challenge your muscles and make them grow. The better you become, the more challenging the impulse has to be. Diversity and intensity of exercise is the key to this. With SMYLEAN, you will get all the active metabolic substances to support this process. Fun fact: A baby gets only 2-3% of protein and doubles its muscle mass within 6-9 months. Is this your goal? A normal diet usually contains about 20-30% protein. This should be more than enough for everyone to achieve even the most ambitious goals. Always remember: quality over quantity!
The SMYLEAN programme is designed to improve your metabolism, your general health status and even to make you feel better. This can be quite challenging and initially you may not feel comfortable with some of the changes. Soreness is a natural reaction to unfamiliar and intensive physical activity. Should you experience severe pain, pause exercising for 1-2 days and go for a walk instead. You may find relief in going to the sauna, taking a hot bath or getting a massage. We suggest keeping the focus on your goals, visualise how you’ll feel when you achieve your dream body and let this lift your spirits.
As soon as you reduce the amount and frequency of your food intake to a certain minimum level, it is considered normal to feel slightly hungry. However, SMYLEAN was developed to reduce hunger even during the diet phase as much as possible. With SMYLEAN Energy+ you have always an option to fight cravings fast and efficiently. On top of this, SMYLEAN Boostshots help you 5 times a day to prevent cravings. Many customers have managed this without any issues so far, so you will be surprised how easy it is.
As soon as you lose body fat, many metabolic by-products that were stored in this tissue (possibly for years) will be released to the lymphatic and blood system. This may cause headaches. We suggest drinking lots of natural liquid such as water and tea to dilute this effect and help the body to ‘detox’ and get rid of these substances.
SMYLEAN nutrition supplements come with more than 250 natural ingredients. No serious negative interactions with medications have been observed or reported so far, but since the number of different components in SMYLEAN products is very high, possible interactions with medications might occur. If you have a serious disease or take medication, please contact your personal physician to be advised on the possible interactions.
No interference with oral contraceptives has been observed so far. If you think that your contraception might interact with SMYLEAN, please contact your personal physician or gynaecologist to be advised on possible interactions.
SMYLEAN 360 comes with high doses of vitamins, which is usually beneficial for various health conditions. For pregnant and breast-feeding women, there is one exception - Vitamin A - that is considered to be safe up to 1500ug per day. SMYLEAN 360 already contains 1400ug. Please avoid taking any other supplement, especially those containing Vitamin A, when pregnant or breast feeding.
SMYLEAN is not a pharmaceutical drug or medication; it is classified as a nutrition supplement with beneficial physiological effects on your body and health. If you stay within the suggested dosage you are unlikely to experience any negative side effects. As SMYLEAN 360 contains a lot of extremely active ingredients you might feel a bit nauseous for the first minutes after drinking it on sober stomach in the morning. In this case we suggest to drink a cup of tea and probably have some slices of fruits or a spoonful of yoghurt before slowly drinking SMYLEAN 360 within maximum an hour. If your main goal is weight loss you may experience the ‘side effects’ of sleeping better, having more energy, and being stronger and happier.
In 2014, the European Union published guidelines for labelling potential allergens on packages of nutrition products if some ingredients are part of 14 specified categories. Despite containing more than 150 ingredients, SMYLEAN contains none of these 14. Keep in mind that there is always a possibility that you could develop specific intolerances or pseudo-allergies for any substance in a product. If you have any reactions, please contact your personal physician and report this case to the SMYLEAN team.
SMYLEAN nutrition supplements don’t contain any nuts nor any other allergens, except for a micro dose of estragon. Therefore, you shouldn’t experience any issues taking these supplements. The SMYLEAN app is designed to ask you about your allergies right after registering, and if you tell it about your allergy then you will not receive any recipe suggestions containing nuts. However, the final responsibility for avoiding nuts in your dishes is yours, as we can’t take responsibility for the food you create.
SMYLEAN products come with high quality vitamins, minerals, omega 3 fatty acids, proteins and organic plant extracts, which are usually beneficial for various health conditions and for all ages. SMYLEAN fulfils more than 70 European Union officially certified health claims. In addition, with the SMYLEAN app, even children and adolescents will profit from various benefits. This makes SMYLEAN probably the best weight management system in the world – for young and old.
Yes. Every day you will get 2 recipe suggestions for lunch and dinner, generated to perfectly match your individually calculated needs. If you really don’t like any of those, you will get another 2 until you find your favourite.
During the first 30 days it is highly recommended to skip alcohol completely as it immediately slows down the fat burning process to the point where it might even stop completely. Soft-drinks contain high amounts of sugar that reduce your results as well. As for ‘diet’ drinks, they usually contain many artificial sweeteners that are bad for your health. We suggest drinking pure water, tea and water with some slices of fruits inside or 80% diluted fruit juice. Besides losing weight, these drinks are also good for your health.
In contrast to most of our competition who try to force you to continuously buy and use products for a lifetime, we know that there is a limit for even the best supplement product in the world. That’s why we want to encourage you to adopt a healthy lifestyle, including cooking delicious homemade meals, exercising regularly and becoming mentally strong and resistant to any external negative influences. We want to empower you to take control of your body. If you really think that it is time to repeat the SMYLEAN supplements programme again, to boost your metabolism and health, we suggest doing it no more than 4 times a year, pausing for at least 2 months between one cycle and the next. Ideally your refresh your health status with Smylean once a year.
Anything that comes with the SMYLEAN box is fully recyclable. We use only natural carton for our packaging. All stickpacks of SMYLEAN 360, Energy+ and ViSuca are made of top quality paper without any aluminium and the bottles for our Boostshots and Om3ga are made of high grade borosilicate glass. Sustainable health, sustainable nature, sustainable life.