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September 26, 2019

Have you ever heard of cognitive aging? This expression is the scientific description of a phenomenon we all have witnessed in one way or the other.

When we grow older, our memory gets worse, we struggle to find the right words and find it hard to concentrate, especially when in a busy surrounding. Our ability to react to new situations declines with age, and so do many other cognitive functions.

Boosting your brain

Let’s face it: They only way to truly avoid aging is to die young. Since this option is anything but attractive to most of us, we need to get used to the idea of growing older.

Nevertheless, even if we cannot help aging, we can do something about our age affecting our cognitive performance! And the key to better cognitive functions is – exercise.

Cardio or coordination training?

But what kind of workout does the trick? Is there a special Preserve-your-Brains training? Yes. And no. Scientists have found out that both, cardiovascular and coordination training improve your cognitive performance – but they do it in different ways, because they activate different parts of your brain, improving different cognitive aspects.

A workout a day keeps the doctor away

What does that teach us? The most important lesson to learn is that any kind of exercise is good for your physical and you cognitive health, so whatever workout you chose, it will be beneficial. Isn’t that great news?

But there is another lesson to take to heart: If you want your workout routine to affect as many parts of your brain as possible, make sure to vary your workouts. If you do a cardio workout today, why not do a coordination training tomorrow?

Take a few minutes to workout every day , so you can not only slow down cognitive aging, but also decrease your risk of cardiovascular diseases. For a long and happy life.