SMYLEAN is a unique lifestyle system that combines all the pillars of health in a single program: natural nutrition plus supplements, effective exercises, mental power tips and valuable information. As the only lifestyle program in the world, SMYLEAN has 75 health benefits recognized by the European Food & Safety Authority (EFSA), such as improved metabolism, support of the immune system, better mental and cardiac output, support of the muscle and bone function, improvement of skin and connective tissue, higher energy level and much more. The most positive "side effect" for many: maximum fat burning in problem areas and a real "detox effect" with visible and noticeable results.

We have made the scientific knowledge from several years of research feasible for you in an everyday, understandable, multi-phase plan: starting with a 2-day comfort phase, in which you can even allow yourself sins and will then consciously say goodbye to unhealthy habits. In the 3-week challenge phase, depending on your personal target weight, you will adapt your diet and start with the daily 10-minute Smylean workout. In this way, maximum results will be achieved in the shortest possible time and minimal efforts. Therefore, the intelligent Smylean app will assist you as a virtual coach. In the balance phase you will get closer to your new lifestyle every day for 1 week.

In order to support your metabolism as much as possible and to ensure your micronutrient supply, the first 3 phases (30 days) are accompanied with the Smylean premium supplements. You will be surprised what new experiences and knowledge gains you will be able to take with you in this Kickstarter program and how easily you will be able to implement these findings in everyday life in the following lifestyle phase. This makes SMYLEAN the healthiest way to achieve and maintain your feel-good weight full of energy and happiness. Welcome to the Smylean lifestyle!


Your body will only be fully capable if it gets all the nutrients it needs. SMYLEAN not only offers you premium nutritional supplements, you also learn to eat healthily and as naturally as possible. Not everyone is a born cook. That is why our app gives you clear step-by-step instructions for dishes that are as delicious as they are healthy - with precise quantities that are optimized to help you achieve your goals!


If you consume more energy than you burn, you gain weight. Sport is the most natural way to increase energy expenditure. High-intensity workouts can be used to strengthen the most important muscle groups in the whole body in just 10 minutes and activate the metabolism for several hours. The Smylean App creates varied workouts for you every day, with exercises ranging from easy to demanding. You can't get more results for less effort. This is how exercising makes fun!


Your attitude makes the difference between triumph and defeat. SMYLEAN helps you define a clear goal and stay focused on it all the way. Know what drives you, what inhibits you and why you do it - then you can do anything! The Smylean app is designed to motivate you and cheer you up when things are not going well. It also reminds you why you originally started this project, so you don't lose the bite. That’s what a real coach does!


A healthy lifestyle requires knowing what you are doing. That is why SMYLEAN provides you with interesting research results and practical tips & tricks on how to stay fit, healthy and happy. Make these things a habit, this lifestyle yours. Benefit from the added value of getting applicable knowledge so that you understand your body better and can take control of your health, your metabolism and your weight. Getting fit has never been so easy.
In addition to the Smylean App, you will find lots of other valuable information in the RecordBook and in the Kickstart Manual - all packed together for you in the yellow Smylean Box. Learn about the effects of the energy molecule ATP and its key role in health. SMYLEAN gives you all the information and tools you need to optimize your metabolic processes, achieve your feel-good weight and promote your health. What are you waiting for? Your journey to a new, healthier life starts NOW!