In a Ranking of the most popular fruits, the poor pear does not stand any chance against the well-loved apple. Although the apple has recently lost its top rank to the grape, it still is Britain’s second best loved fruit and ranks fourth amongst the world’s all-time favourites.

This is about body forms

This post isn’t about preferences in fruit consumption, at all. It is about body forms, or, more precisely, about how and where your body stores fat.

Apple shaped bodies accumulate fat mainly around the waist – and mostly as visceral fat.

A pear shaped body characteristically grows fat depots around the hips and thighs.

Men are apples, women are pears?

Generally speaking, most men tend to have apple shaped bodies, whilst most women are more pear shaped, especially before reaching their menopause.

And even if! Fat is fat, and that is that…

That’s what one would assume, but it isn’t exactly true. There is a huge difference between visceral fat and subcutaneous fat.

Scientific studies have shown that visceral fat like belly fat poses a significantly higher risk to your health and wellbeing.
It affects you fat metabloism and drastically invcreases your risk of developing cardio-vascular diseases or diabetes.

Am I at risk? The waist-hip-ration

You can easily find out whether your amount of visceral fat does already increase your risk of developing diseases:

  1. Measure your waist circumference (around the hight of your belly button)
  2. Measure your hip circumference (around the wides part)
  3. Try and calculate the ratio waist/hip in your head.
  4. Ok, forget it! Get a sheet of paper and calculate the ratio waist/hip .
  5. Still not sure you got the result right? Get your cell phone, open the calculator and calculate the ratio waist/hip! There you go!

The result you get for your waist/hip ratio should be smaller than 0,85 for women and smaller than 1,0 for men- if this is the case, every thing’s fine, no need to worry. Your result is higher than that? No problem – with some disciplin and a bit of assistance (i.e. your SMYLEAN programme) you will be able to fix this!

Pro tip: If you don’t want to bother with the calculation, you’d best use our SMYLEAN Mission tape, that allows you to simply read off your result – no trouble at all.