In years of research, our experts have developed in close cooperation with the best athletes in the world and in harmony with nature, the foundation for the most unique lifestyle system in the world. It supports every cell in producing its own fuel - ATP (adenosine triphosphate) - for best cell function and maximum performance with fat burning effects. From now on, SMYLEAN is no longer available to professional athletes only, but to everyone who has set themselves the goal of a healthier life with more energy.
Just as Smylean is a perfect synergy of its components, we are convinced that a team can only achieve maximum productivity if the different strengths of the individual team members complement each like cells in the human body. For this reason, our core team consists of a wide variety of characters with diverse, interlocking skills in the fields of medicine, nutrition, sports, psychology, business and IT. We work with passion for your success.
You don't have to know and be able to do everything, but you should know who is the right person to contact. We work with experts in all areas who complement our internal skills to offer you as a customer the most valuable Smylean experience possible. Starting with regional coaches who personally support you on your journey to a new lifestyle, through marketing partners who provide you with valuable information for your health, to restaurants near you that conjure up delicious Smylean recipes on your plate. Smylean partnerships are the root for healthy growth.